SF Forward

SF Forward is the Political Action Committee (PAC) of the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce.

SF Forward is the political voice for businesses and residents who support sound economic policy and an exceptional quality of life for all San Franciscans. The PAC is dedicated to ensuring that political reforms strengthen the local economy, improve the business climate and streamline the operation of government.

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For more for information, please contact Daniel Herzstein, Director of Public Policy at dherzstein@ltrncbm9.gonghedesign.com 


Checks can be made to SF Forward: 150 Post St Suite 405, San Francisco, CA 94108.


SF Forward (PAC) contributions are not tax deductible. There are no limits on the amount you can contribute to SF Forward. SF Forward supports and opposes ballot measures and issue campaigns; it does not make contributions to candidates. The PAC's FPPC ID# is 891575; it's federal tax ID# is 94-3106147.

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As representatives of the business community, we need your help to make sure San Francisco has a bright economic future.

2020 November Voting Guide

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Voting Guides

Each ballot contains critical initiatives that impact San Francisco businesses. The Chamber provides the business position on key issues facing San Francisco voters every election cycle.

Public Policy Events

Other CityTrips

We also host CityTrips to other cities domestically and internationally that mimic San Francisco’s diversity and face similar issues. Past CityTrips have included destinations like Vancouver, Seattle, Austin, and Phoenix.

TBDMay 31, 2028

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